Kickstarting June, still time to smash your Q2 goals 😉

Starting this new Show & Tell thread as a part of our working in the open culture. A thread for Developer Nation community, partnership team and Community members to share what they’re upto lately.


I’ll start dogfooding my own thread. If you don’t know me already, I’m Ayan Pahwa, Developer Advocate for the Developer Nation community. Excited to enter the last month of Q2, 2023. This has been a very productive Q for me so far. I’m excited to share that I invited several guests on Developer Nation Broadcast, this Q and interviewed them, some of the episodes are already out, and others will be rolling out soon.

I, along with the team, also worked on the Developer’s Wellness Report, which we launched during Mental Health Awareness Week, a topic not many in the tech industry talk about. I feel super proud of the team here for taking this initiative and talking about it in Developer’s context, a job where burnout is more frequent than we know.

The other thing that I recently initiated is interviewing Enterprise Developers in a text blog medium to better define the term and learn more about their Work, Challenges, and day-to-day chores. The first one is live on the blog and you can read it here

Lastly, among planning the upcoming webinars and our biggest Developer survey (just round the corner), we continue working on improving the NL and bringing to our community exciting giveaways, so if you haven’t already, do subscribe and get a chance to win :wink:.

Now let’s ask @Vanessa what she’s up to. :rocket::smiley: and if you’re reading this feel free to share about things you’re working on :raised_hands:t2:

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Thanks @ayan.pahwa, first of all I wanted to say how excited I am to listen to your podcasts, and for all the new content that is being shared with the community! :pray:

I’ve especially been proud to be involved in the launch of the Wellness report, and I’d like to thank the developers that took part. Through this survey we were able to donate $890 to the Oxfam/Syria Earthquake Appeal.

On my side it’s been a busy month or so preparing for the launch of our next global survey in June. Some amazing prizes have been sourced! We’re in the final few days of completing our survey translations into nine languages (plus English), we’ve worked with our Developer Committee to review the questions to be featured, and alongside that I’ve been sending out prizes for some of our recent surveys.

Once the survey is live I’ll be reviewing and replying to the developer feedback as it comes through, so be sure to take part and let us know what we should be asking in our future surveys. I’ll also be ready to start running our weekly prize draws for participants and it’s always a pleasure to connect with the lucky winners! :gift:

Now, I’ll pass the baton onto @gottfried.moh. What have you been up to? :smiley:


Thanks @Vanessa and @ayan.pahwa for leading the way :grinning:

It’s been a very exciting and busy period this Q. Working with the team on the Wellness Report and seeing how it was widely received warms my heart. I’ve also ramped up efforts to include quality resources, news, training materials and tips to the bi-weekly newsletter. If you aren’t already signed up, you can do so here. Watch out for our dev humor section, it keeps getting better😂 .

Another initiative I, together with the team kicked off is bringing to you key Developer Events happening all over the globe. I curated them here for easy access. You can take advantage of our discount offers in partnership with the organisers to attend these events both physically and virtually.

Lastly, with the help of the team, I have also more recently launched the Book Giveaway campaign and it has been exciting to see what you have been reading recently. Many intriguing books in there that caught the eye. Watch out for the prize draws that are going to be happening every two weeks, you could be the next winner :trophy: .

Passing the baton now to @SofiaA, I’m sure she has a lot to share :wink:

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Thanks @gottfried.moh for sharing these!

Being on top of the Developer Nation Community Strategy, the second Q of this year has found me looking into ways in which we can offer more exclusive data to our community members to complement our Pulse report and Reports library. This is obviously a mid-term project but the first steps have already been completed, and I am optimistic that we will be able to launch something new by the end of Q4.

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How about you @sumaiya1996 ?