Developer Events Q2 2023

DeveloperWeek Events

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  • DeveloperWeek Europe - Europe’s largest developer & engineering conference.

  • DeveloperWeek Management - DeveloperWeek Management is the premier virtual conference & expo for engineering managers, dev team leads, and technical executives (VP, Director, CTO, CXO).

  • DeveloperWeek Latin America - Latin America’s largest developer and engineering conference.


Apidays New York: APIs for Embedded Business Models: Finance, Healthcare, Retail, and Media. Register using this link for a DISCOUNT.

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Developer Naton x Analytics Vidhya

You’re invited to attend Data Hack Summit 2023; the 4th edition of "India’s Largest and Most Influential Applied Al & ML Conference.

This year’s theme for the summit is “Infinite Possibilities: Exploring the future with Generative AI”. Data Hack Summit 2023 this year will be a 4-day mega event which will be held in Bengaluru from 2-5 August at the NIMHANS Convention Centre.

Register for the Data Hack Summit 2023 by clicking on this link and use this code DHS45_DN to get the 45% discount.

Partnership with API Days Helsinki :handshake:

API Ecosystems: Connecting Physical and Digital.
Pikku-Finlandia, Helsinki, Karamzininranta 4, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

Apidays Helsinki & North joins the tradition of hugely popular global apidays events. The organizers are expecting 500+ participants and the speaker lineup is very impressive. We are giving away €799 value to the first 20 persons that register with the link below.:point_down:

Register here