Loyalty Points FAQ

I’ve taken a survey, where are my loyalty points?

Points are added to your profile within 30 days upon the close of the survey,

It’s past 30 days since the survey closed, why do I still not see my loyalty points?

Developer Nation values genuine and real responses to our surveys, and as such will not accept entries that are not in accordance with their Terms and Conditions of each survey.We will check and remove, at our own undisputable discretion, responses from entrants who we believe are not involved in the software development or have not adhered to the Terms and Conditions of each survey we run. Terms and conditions can be viewed on the landing page of each live survey.

How can I redeem my loyalty points?
Once you reach 501+ loyalty points, we’ll reach out to you via email to share a form where you can redeem 501 loyalty points for a $10 gift card.

Do I have to redeem my loyalty points?

No! You have the option to keep your loyalty points. The more loyalty points you have, the more special benefits are unlocked for you. Those with 801+ points are included in an exclusive prize draw for smartphones, laptops etc. You can see more information on our benefits here. https://www.developernation.net/research

How long does it take to receive my gift card after I’ve redeemed my loyalty points?
We aim to have the gift cards with you within 5 working days. if there is an issue with your claim we’ll contact you to discuss.


@Vanessa before i redeemed 501 points for $10 gift card. but i didn’t get redeemed code. Can you solve this issue.

Hi @BarunBapari I’ll look into this and connect with you via email! Thanks for getting in touch.

Hello @Vanessa , saya ingin menukarkan poin saya, bagaimana caranya? Saya menerima email berisi form penukaran hadiah, namun link tersebut telah tertutup

Hi Dicky,

I’ve sent you an email, the form is now open.

Best wishes,


@Vanessa Saya ingin menggunakan paypal sebagai metode pembayaran hadiah saya
Ini alamat PayPal saya