What is your best developer product?

What is the number one product that stands out to you as a developer?

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Proxmox :raised_hands:t2:

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Good question…
There have been a few.

My earliest fun programming memory is of flying to Canada for a week to learn LISP (which I “learned” stands for Lots of Irritating, Silly Parentheses) which is used to extend capabilities of a desktop publishing system (Interleaf…WAY before Word could do everything). After class, I created a multi-document indexing program that would scan across a folder and index all the flagged entries and then combine them and alphabetize them. Once I told the Interleaf users’ group, there was a lot of interest and I shared the code and a lot of multiple-document indices were created automatically (before, each document’s index was created, and then manually combined…shiver!)

The latest was when the App Store accepted my iOS app. I worked on an app that has some personality tests that then compares you to a group of people to determine “Which 1 Are You?” (you know, in case you have an Apple iPhone and want to see a VERY old app in action). That took a lot of learning of Objective C. Now, I need to translate that to Swift, which requires me to learn another language (YEA!) which takes time (boo).

And then there are the many projects at work that required me to get better at SQL (so much so, I created an in-house class for others to learn SQL). That was interesting as I used Doodly to create the learn-at-your-pace videos that are associated with a free-to-download SQL book.

So, if you didn’t mean things I have developed…then Xcode. :smiley:

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So I did mean products that you have used, BUT, it’s actually a good opportunity for devs to share what they’ve built and are proud of!

WordPress. I know most devs hate it but it’s an amazing product!

As a game developer Godot. It’s a very good game engine and it’s starting to be used a lot more lately (thanks to unity and unreal not having the best media). And it can be used for different, non game applications easily as well
The path they are taking also seems to be sustainable and usable for multiple team sizes!

Everything developed by Jetbrains. Top notch IDEs, by far.

I have also built a browser game, back when that was a thing, but unfortunately it’s not currently online.

Nintendo and other consoles