Tired of Twitter or X or whatever .... ? Free Bluesky invites

Hi All:
I’m not much for getting my personal data exploited for advertising. As a result, I got off Facebook in 2012. I got off Twitter last year. I am no longer on any social media other than LinkedIn (feel free to connect with me at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ken-bodnar-57b635133/ ) and BlueSky.

BlueSky is a new creation by Jack Dorsey, the original founder of Twitter. It is a lot like Twitter in the early days. It is still in beta and requires an invite code. I have been given 4 invite codes and you are invited to use them – first come, first served. If they don’t work, it means that someone else has already used them. Simply navigate to https://bsky.app/ and you will be prompted. Here are the codes:





It is still a very quiet place because it is not open to the public yet. I myself use it for photography to post 5 photos every day of my travels. I don’t do anything technical on it.

It is my hope that BlueSky takes over and becomes as great as Twitter was.


There is just one code left – get it while it lasts:

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Hi, any new codes available?

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I have exactly one more. Here you go :

URL: https://bsky.app/

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thank you!

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I have earned three more invites to Blue Sky, the new kinder and gentler Twitter started by Jack Dorsey, the original Twitter guy. It is still in beta and by invite only. The URL is https://bsky.app/

If the codes don’t work, it means that someone has beat you to them and already used them. First come, first served. See you online there.


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If you wish, frequently visit the site called Bluesky Invite Codes, of which I am a part. Daily invitation codes can be shared. :slight_smile:

Sorry to reply to an ‘old’ post, but what is the purpose of having invite codes be made public like this?
Why even use them in the first place?

This wasn’t meant to be pass-ag!