Inspiration for you

Hi friends, when I was in +2 ,I’m fond of games and that leads to my current position of web developer. I like to know who or what ur inspiration.

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I was in college working on an Associate Degree (2-year program) for Electronics Technology and at the same time, a second degree for an Associate Degree in Electronic Maintenance Technology. We had been learning machine language with an old PDP-11. Then, we received brand-new Apple IIe computers. There was a game in Basic called Pong (tennis) where the middle was the “net” and the goal was to hit the ball that bounced from the left side to the right and back again and you defended your “goal” with a paddle that moved up and down. I looked at the code and determined that if the computer’s paddle was MUCH smaller than mine (like 5 pixels) and mine was 90% of the screen size, I had a much better chance of winning the game. It was that cause-and-effect of programming that got my attention. From then on, I was obsessed with learning programming and how to get the system to do what I wanted! I was working as a Technical Writer at the time and the program we were using was extensible using LISP…and it just so happened there was a class in a couple of weeks being held in Montreal (Canada), in English. I my company flew me up there and I read the text book on the flight, so I would have some idea of the language before class. I made that desktop publishing system SING! When the time came that I needed an advanced degree in order to get promoted, I went on to get a BSCS (Bachelor of Science, Computer Science) and the rest, they say…is history! I love me a good language. And, luckily, I appear to be able to pick new languages up quickly (and Google is my friend when it comes to syntax and the intricacies of new languages to do what is in my head). That Apple IIe was the start of a very long and prosperous career path!