Giveaway winners - 26th Developer Nation Final Prize Draws!

Hi there, we have something exciting for you - the list with the latest prize draw winners!

:loudspeaker:Developer Nation 26th Survey

Final prize draws
Macbook Pro 13.3’’ M2
m*********@g****.c** of Colombia

9th State of ARVR Survey
Murat of Turkey

Exclusive draw for developers with 301+ points

$15 gift card

MUHAMAD of indonesia
i****@m*******.c** of Brunei
francisco of philippines
g*************@g****.c** of Nigeria
u********@g****.c** of Nigeria
v******@a**.b* of Bulgaria
Bruno of Portugal
s**********.w@g****.c** of Belgium
r*******@g****.c** of United Kingdom
Lawrence of Nigeria
s************@g****.c** of Ghana
Qozim of Nigeria
n***********@g****.c** of Kenya
b**.p****@g****.c** of United States
Kayla of United States
Constantine of Canada
j**.b****@v******.n** of United States
l************@o******.c** of Vietnam
j*********@g****.c** of Philippines

Developer Nation Branded Swag
y***********@g****.c** of Dominican Republic
Tyrel of United States of America
n*****@n*****.o** of Canada
Owen of United Kingdom
p************@g****.c** of Spain
m****@d******.c** of Czech Republic
Ahindra of India
Moammar of Pakistan
a***********@g****.c** of India
m**********@g****.c** of Pakistan
m**********@o******.c** of Pakistan
Zain of Pakistan
w*********@g****.c** of Taiwan

Exclusive draw for developers with 501+ points

$20 gift card

Ahmad Saifur of Indonesia
Kian Eng of Singapore
Shinzo of Japan
Harsh of India
j********@g****.c** of South Africa
Selam of Ethiopia
Carlos of Spain
Jan of Czech Republic
p*****@p*****.h* of United Kingdom
Ghislain of France
Onoriode of Nigeria
Lenin of South Africa
b******@g****.c** of Uganda
Samuel of Nigeria @dallintine
r******@g****.c** of Canada
David of Canada
Nacim of Canada
Julaine of Canada
Dinar of Indonesia
a*********@w*******.c** of Japan

Developer Nation Branded Swag

j*******@a**.o** of United States
e*****@s***************.n** of United States
v******@n********.e** of United States
s*******@g****.c** of Spain
Vincenzo of Italy
Markus of Germany
Subham of India
Neekhil of India
Mohamed of Egypt
Md of Bangladesh
Keith of Kenya

Exclusive draw for developers with 801+ points

Motorola Razr
Jeffrey (Jack) of United States

$50 gift card
KA of Philippines
k***********@g****.c** of Korea, South
p******@g****.c** of Singapore
j.b******@g****.c** of Malaysia

Developer Nation Branded Swag

s*****.s*****@m***.o** of United States
Ken of Canada
Nicholas of Trinidad and Tobago
Dominik of Germany
o******.m******@c**********.n** of France
j*******@g****.c** of Spain
Ankit of India
t*****.w********@g****.c** of Cyprus
Damith of Sri Lanka
k***********@g****.c** of Pakistan
Shahroz of Pakistan
Robert of Australia
AMOUSSOU Gael Ghislain of Bénin
Dean of Australia

Congratulations! :tada:

As always, all winners have been contacted directly!

Stay tuned for our upcoming surveys as there will be more opportunities to get some cool prizes :wink: