Giveaway Winners - 09/06/23 - 16/06/23

Here’s the latest list of winners from our 25th Developer Nation survey, week one draw!

Swag :gift:
Abdullahi of Nigeria
Niklas of Sweden
Junior-Oreol of Cameroon
Aleksandar of Serbia
Shahroz of Pakistan
o***********************@g****.c** of China
a****************@g****.c** of Nigeria
s******@g****.c** of Nigeria

$10 Audible gift cards
g********.d*****@g****.c** of Mexico
a****.h**@g****.c** of Estonia
g*********.b***@c*******.e**.i* of India

$20 Amazon gift cards
c****************@g****.c** of United States
r******@u***.e* of Spain
k*******************@g****.c** of Indonesia

Interview Cake 3-weeks subscription
j**************@g****.c** of Brazil

No Starch $20 ebook vouchers
b**********@g****.c** of Nigeria
b***************@o******.c** of Turkey

O’Reilly ebooks
s***********@g****.c** of Indonesia
r******@l***.c** of Costa Rica

GDC Showcase 2023 All Access tickets
m***********@b**.c**.b* of Brazil
p*********@g****.c** of Poland
Ali Eren of Turkey
s********@g****.c** of Nigeria

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Bundle SE in our AR/VR Draw
g************@g****.c** of Indonesia

We’ve also run a prize draw for our Distributed Cloud Survey, those winners are:

Dean from Australia - $50 Amazon voucher
Esther from South Africa - $50 Udemy credit

Congratulations everyone! :partying_face: If you recognise your email address, check your inbox to see if you are a winner!

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How to join

If you have won the lottery 2 times, do you still have the chance to win the lottery?

You can take part here @Juanmi

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@Dicky779 yes if you’ve won in previous surveys you can also be entered into prize draws time.

Ok I understand what the topic for today