Giveaway winners - 04/12/23 - 22/12/23

Happy New Year! :tada::sparkles: Let’s kick off 2024 with a blast! We’ve got some prize draw announcements to share from our recent surveys!

:loudspeaker: 5G API Landscape Survey

Anker 735 Charger
t*************@i*****.c** of United States

AeroPress Coffee Maker - Go
G*********@g****.c** of Canada

$50 Udemy gift card
a***********@y****.c** of Indonesia

Keychron K3 wireless mechanical keyboard
b*****@s**.r*.c** of United States

$20 gift card
c*************@g****.c** of United States
N***************@g****.c** of India
2*******@x***.n** of United States

Developer Nation swag pack
s****************@g****.c** of India
T**********@g****.c** of United States
h**********@g****.c** of United States
k********@t*******.d* of Germany
Moses of Nigeria

:loudspeaker: Developer Nation 26th Survey

Keychron K2 Wireless Keyboard and MX Master 3S bundle
Deepam of India

a CoPilot 12 months subscription
j********@y****.g* of Greece

Developer Nation swag pack
Hemant of India
a***************@g****.c** of Nigeria

O’Reilly ebook
Vishesh of India
a*****************@g****.c** of Nigeria

Express VPN gift card
d**@x****.c** of UK

Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Version 2)
o***************@g****.c** of Nigeria

Arduino® UNO R4 WiFi
J of Philippines

O’Reilly ebook
a*********@g****.c** of United States
H of India

a CoPilot 12 months subscription
c*********@g****.c** of Germany

iCodeThis Gold subscription
B of Vietnam

:loudspeaker: State of ARVR 9th Survey

$25 Udemy course
r.t********@u**.n** of Italy

Developer Nation swag pack
O of Philippines

:clap: Big applause to all the winners! You’ve been contacted directly via email.

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Developer Nation 26th Survey
State of Software Development Tools Survey

Here’s to a year filled with breakthroughs, collaborations, and continuous growth. Keep an eye out for more survey announcements in your inbox!

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