Final giveaway winners for the 25th Developer Nation survey!

Hi everyone :wave:

I’m excited to share the final winners for our 25th Developer Nation survey. Thank you to everyone who took part in our survey.

First of all, here are the winners of the final draw which included everyone who took part in our survey:

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch
m*********@h******.c** of Egypt

O’Reilly print book
b*******@p*********.c** of United States
j*****@t*************.c** of United States
p********@y****.c** of United States
p*********@y****.c** of United States
l*********@g****.c** of United States

$100 Amazon Gift Card
Oscar of Mexico
Gisleide of Brazil

Exclusive Community Draws
Over time community members can gather points, unlock special benefits and win prizes. See more information here.

801+ points draws

MacBook Air (M2 Chip)
l***.r******@g****.c** of Croatia

Samsung Galaxy S23
Winningham of United States

$20 gift cards
l*******@h******.c** of Malaysia
a*********@h******.c** of India
n**********@y****.c** of Malaysia
d***.g*****@g****.c** of Australia
r*****@g****.c** of Australia
Thien Anh of Vietnam
a***************@g****.c** of Philippines
n******@g****.c** of Sweden

Developer Nation Swag
Michael of United States
Peter L. Kantor of United States
Jamie of United States
Elvir of Uzbekistan
a******@l***.c** of Croatia
m***.a****@g****.c** of Israel
Pallav of India
r********.p@p*********.c** of India
v********@o******.c** of India
Ashwini kumar of India
g*********@g****.c** of United States
Mirian of Brazil
Adewale of Nigeria
n*******@i*********.c** of Canada
Cheng-Jung of Taiwan

$50 learning resource voucher
s******.s******@g****.c** of Germany
v******@g****.c** of South Africa
k*******@g****.c** of Canada
d*********@g****.c** of United States
s**************@g****.c** of India

501+ points draws

a 3 month subscription to O’Reilly learning platform
Marco of Italy
b******@g****.c** of United States
a******.p******@g****.c** of Italy

Developer Nation Swag
Giacomo of Italy
l********.a@g****.c** of Russia
w*****@c******.c** of Panama
Intjar Ahmed of India
Jignesh of India
Kashif of Pakistan
m**.i****.o*****@g****.c** of United States
Praneeth of India
David Gbadamosi of Nigeria
j***@t*********.m* of United States
Sebastian of Germany
Chris of United States
Mughees of Pakistan

$15 gift cards
d*************@g****.c** of India
a.g*******@g****.c** of Egypt
e******@g****.c** of Costa Rica
a*************@g****.c** of Nigeria
j******@y****.c** of Zimbabwe
o******.c*******@g****.c** of Philippines
p*********@g****.c** of Indonesia
j*********@y****.c*.j* of Japan
f*********@g****.c** of Indonesia

301+ points draws

Developer Nation Swag
Jude of Nigeria
Kasper of Denmark
a*****@b****.i* of Italy
Robert of Germany
c*.h******.g*@g****.c** of United States
m***********@g****.c** of India
Gaurav of Nepal
Ravichandran of India
Md of Bangladesh
Syed Umair of Pakistan
Keith of Kenya
p********@y****.c** of United States
s****************@g****.c** of India

$15 gift cards
n****.c******@g****.c** of Indonesia
f****************@g****.c** of Philippines
t********@g****.c** of United States
f******.s****@f*********.c** of United States
c**********@g****.c** of United States
y********@g****.c** of Ghana
w**.b************@g****.c** of South Africa

Congratulations :partying_face: to all the winners! If you think you recognise your email address, go ahead and check your inbox for an email from me.

In the coming weeks we’ll also be announcing the winners of our referral program - stay tuned!


had 830 points, unfortunately i didn’t make it to the draw, its sad though :disappointed_relieved::sleepy:

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I can only dream of being one of the winners. I am happy for all of the winners. Wish you all the best.

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what date is the announcement for the winner of the referral contest?

more than 800 points but not selected. We congratulate those selected while impatiently awaiting our turn

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Semoga beruntung di lain waktu

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Am I included or not?

Is this my entry :-

s**************@g****.c** of India (includes learning voucher and swag box)

Hi @sumaiya1996 unfortunately this was not you. Wishing you the best with our future draws!