Prepping up for Developer Nation Broadcast Season #2 - Suggest Podcast Guests

If you’re not living under a rock, you should know about our Podcast called Developer Nation Broadcast, which I host. We just wrapped up Season #1, releasing all the audio Episodes on all major platforms - Spotify, Amazon, Apple podcast, etc .

I’m now prepping up for season #2, looking forward for interesting conversations, so if you’ve anyone in mind which you think should make a great guest. Please mention them on this thread on leave their social profiles link and I’ll reach out to them . cheers :slight_smile:

Someone I follow for his strange sense of humor and ability to tell a good story is Peter Shankman. He is a marketing guru and could probably talk about how self-employed developers can get attention and more clients. He also is Neuro-diverse (ADHD) and credits it with most of his success. He is on all the Social Medias as @petershankman (though he gave up Twitter (X) in favor or Threads).